Health on Track Club

Would you like to have more energy to do the things you love? How about have a stronger immune system? Could you use better sleep? How is your digestion? Need help with focus? 

Become a member of Health on Track for $11/mo for exclusive access to our Health on Track groups on Facebook and on where Kristen shares for wellness education + tips.

Upgrade to VIP for $50/mo to get one 45-minute remote consultation session included with each month of active membership.

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Bodywork Sessions 

$125 per hour
For all inquiries, contact Kristen.

Wellness Consultation

30-minute consultation : $50

For all inquiries, contact Kristen.
(Payment is taken at the time of booking.)

Education center located in Hy-Vee Arena:
Revolutionary Wellness, LLC 
1800 Genessee St. 
Suite 205
Kansas City, Missouri 64102

Business Services

Train + Track System for Young Living leaders