My Business Journey


If you're like me, your life may take random turns and throws you curve balls here and there. My high school self had the goal of going to college to become a meteorologist (weather is fascinating), while also training and competing for track and field at a Division I school. Two years into college, it became clear that pursuing a career in meteorology was not meant for me. Calculus ultimately led to the demise of my meteorology career, but I believe it all happened the way it was meant to. (Who knew there was so much math that went into the weather?!) My time attending an out-of-state university was not wasted. I left for college knowing practically no-one that was going to the same school, but that put me into a position of self-realization and awakening my path that was, in retrospect, clearly meant to be different than the traditional path that I was taught growing up in school. I have to give credit of planting the seed for my career to an amazing massage therapist who at the time was working at the university recreation center. Thanks, Jeff!

I began to listen and realized the entrepreneur blood in me that came from my father was screaming to come out. I had lost my dad to a farming accident when I was 8-years-old, so my memories of riding in his Jeep listening to the classic rock station to his business meetings, job sites, and to his office forty minutes from the house I grew up in are priceless and his work ethic is engrained in my DNA. My father never attended college a day in his life, but he set a great example that a life of success did not have to be determined by a degree, but it could be accomplished through hard work, integrity, and compassion. 

My professional career began in 2011 when I received my certificate for 750-hours of massage therapy training. All throughout massage therapy school, I remember thinking about how I ultimately did not want to work as an employee for someone else. I wanted the freedom of creating my own schedule and my own business decisions, with the opportunity to support others' businesses through partnerships. So that's what I did.

After a couple months of working under a chiropractor to get my feet wet right out of massage therapy schoolI decided that it was time to take the leap and do my own thing. I began by renting my own space out of a pilates studio and quickly built up a clientele over those couple of years. During this time, I was introduced to network marketing and quickly fell in love with the idea of residual income. I began to get serious about networking with other businesses and later joined a wellness team apart of a yoga studio offering massage and wellness education.

Network marketing is a business structure that enables individuals to sell products through word-of-mouth sharing or by referrals. As a massage therapist at the time of building my business, I knew how important it was to create happy customers because ultimately they were the ones who would grow the business. I saw this same concept mirrored in network marketing, and decided to try it out. 

The residual income aspect of the business was appealing to me from the beginning. What residual income does is drops a paycheck into your bank account every month, assuming you've put the work in that's needed to acquire such income. What do I mean by that? Well, the success of building a residual income will look different for everyone. We get to determine how much time and effort we spend on building our residual income through network marketing, which is an awesome thing. Network marketing supports our freedom to work from home - or from anywhere

When I connected the two concepts of wanting to help people and wanting to earn more money to support my income, it became clear that my friend who introduced me to a wellness company called Young Living knew what I needed in my life. 

When I began to explore the ingredients found in my everyday products and discover what diseases were linked to them, I became disgusted at the fact there was not enough regulation in place to protect consumers from the companies who are more concerned about their profits than they are about the the health of their consumers. 

There are over 185,000 known harsh chemicals actively used in products in the United States today. The average person puts 300 chemicals a day on their skin through four things: soap, shampoo, makeup, and hair care. Eighty of those chemicals are used before breakfast. The FDA says to date, less than 15% of all chemicals in the U.S. have been thoroughly studied for their side effects. Common side effects of chemical uses: endocrine disruptors, which make you gain weight, skin issues, asthma, and even cancer. I had found a better way to get the poisons out of my home. Learn more.

I knew from studying massage therapy that emotional stress, if unchecked, can settle physically in the body. I later realized that it wasn't just the distress that we experience emotionally through our lives, but it was also the distress that toxic ingredients from many conventional, regularly-used products burdened on the body and its systems after exposure, even in minute amounts. I didn't know before I knew. Who knows what kind of path I would be down right now if someone didn't open the idea up to me -- and this is why I share with anyone who will listen.

It comes down to making smarter decisions. I found such a difference in how I felt when I began to make the switch to Young Living's products for cleaning, hair and body care, skincare, nutrition, make-up and more. We're spending money on these every day products anyway, so why not make the switch and use better products in our home and on our body, while also supporting families and your community? 

Young Living is a global network marketing company that has been around since 1994. They have a proven system that works for building residual income -- the determined factor of your success is you.
I joined Young Living in 2012. In my business, I have experienced the highs and the lows. Have I ever been discouraged while building my business? Yes. Do things always go as planned? Heck no. But that's life. I have learned so much - what to do, what not to do - and I continue to learn every day. If I get knocked down, I take time to reflect and then pick up myself and keep going -- only now with that much more experience under my belt so I can do better in the future.

Young Living makes it simple to grow a business, but unfortunately not everyone will realize their potential with the opportunity -- or if they do, they may find they're wishing they would have started sooner.
How simple is it? Like "I used this product for this thing and it worked" simple. Okay, maybe more descriptive and definitely not in my words, but get to the root of it and its about sharing experiences and products that work for you. If it helped you, maybe it could help someone else. Young Living is a network marketing company and our business is built upon relationships.
In a dream world, the plan may be to quit your job and do Young Living full-time, but in reality, that's not achievable for most people out-of-the-gate. Growing a business takes consistency-over-time. Even if you only had five minutes in-a-day to work on your Young Living business, this will help you get that much closer to your goals than if you were to put zero minutes into growing your business each day. In fact, this is a proven work strategy for this business, and if you're a busy parent juggling all-the-things of life, yes, even you can be successful with this business! If you have more time in-a-day to work on your business, great! It's your business, and you get to work it as you please. If you need any assistance along the way, that's what I am here for, so don't hesitate to reach out! 

I am so grateful for bringing together who is meant to be with me along my journey. I am so blessed to have such an amazing community within my community, Revolutionary Wellness.

There will be ups and there will be downs, but your reason why you're doing what you're doing is what will pull you through the lows. The reason why I do what I do is because I envision a world where we can all support each other by teaching others about how to live a healthier lifestyle, even on a budget, and builds limitless income for an unlimited amount of families that can be passed down from generation to generation.

A healthy home for each of us, a healthy world for all of us.

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