Ningxia Red

Essential nutrition for the whole body

The road to a healthier you is through small, consistent, daily practices that support the whole you - mind, body, and spirit. A root of our wellbeing comes from nutrition and nourishment. Eating more whole foods, free of toxic pesticides and filled with good nutrient content is what we strive to consume to support a healthy body. In the effort to eating more fruits and vegetables, consider this information: 

It is true that fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today. The main culprit in this disturbing nutritional trend is soil depletion: Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows. Sadly, each successive generation of fast-growing, pest-resistant carrot is truly less good for you than the one before. - Scientific American, 2011

Our bodies require nutrients to function - foundational to a healthy body. It takes 90 – 180 days (3 - 6 months) to replace all cells in the body. Imagine the human body as a living, breathing machine, with your senses of emotion, sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing as part of mission control. All of the systems of the body work together to support the whole, and a not-so-balanced, not-so-healthy body can do amazing things when it is given the right tools. It may take a little longer to experience results, but with consistency and a positive mindset, what may once have seemed unattainable may be achieved.

Why Ningxia Red?

10 reasons to drink Ningxia Red® every day

Provide antioxidant protection
Increase energy and strength
Maintain healthy blood sugar
Help manage a healthy weight
Supports healthy digestion
Supports the body's natural ability to fight anxiety and stress
Supports immune system
Improves quality of sleep
Supports vision health
Memory support 

The NingXia Red Clinical Trial: Outcomes

  • Clinically shown to significantly reduce daily stress by 23% and improve mental wellbeing.
  • Clinically shown to support/promote healthy respiratory function.
  • Clinically shown to significantly increase physical energy levels by 35% and reduce physical limitations by 26%.
  • Clinically shown to improve sleep patterns and increase time asleep by an average of 21 minutes following 60 days of continued use. 
  • Clinically shown to support healthy inflammation response.



2-fluid ounces of NingXia Red has the antioxidant equivalent of:

200 oranges OR
1,628 blueberries OR
44 carrots OR
20 pounds of spinach OR
118 broccoli florets OR
146 strawberries OR
186 apples OR
45,628 almonds


Ningxia Wolfberry Nutrient Summary

  • Contains 21 essential minerals & 18 amino acids
  • 67 times the thiamin (vitamin B1) of brown rice
  • 2 times the niacin (vitamin B3) of bakers yeast
  • 3 times the vitamin C of raw oranges
  • 5 times the calcium of raw cauliflower
  • 2 times the beta carotene of raw spinach
  • 4 times the amount of potassium found in 3oz. of fresh bananas (1600mg of potassium)
  • Rich in magnesium
  • 15.6% Protein by weight
  • 21% Fiber by weight

Ningxia Red hits the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) mark at over 30,000!

With so many essential nutrients for your body, can you imagine how good you could feel by drinking just 1-2 ounces of Ningxia Red each day? 



Drink Ningxia Red daily for the best results!

The Ningxia wolfberry is more than just a whole food multivitamin. It also contains a virtual cornucopia of exotic and unique phytonutrients that have been shown to protect the liver, and support the heart and cellular DNA.

The Ningxia wolfberry is the richest known whole food source of natural vitamin B1 or Thiamin. Thiamin is essential for proper energy production, carbohydrate metabolism, and thyroid function. Thiamin deficiencies can result in impaired carbohydrate a burning and a decline in the energy hormone thyrotropin. The wolfberry also has 100 times the niacin (vitamin B3) as oat bran. Over two decades of research document the ability of niacin to support the heart.


“I started drinking an amazing juice drink called Ningxia Red (contains the Ningxia Wolfberry) initially to support my eyes. I have history of macular degeneration in my family, and though I am young, I do not want to end up like my grandmother did when she had it. I remember her not being able to drive, and her saying how she couldn’t see directly in front of her.
Ningxia Red, because of the wolf berries, contain a high amount of zeaxanthin and lutein – drinking only an once or two a day of the delicious, nutritious, high in antioxidant juice had me floored when I went to get an eye examine a couple years after I began drinking it. My eyesight actually IMPROVED!!! My doctor was shocked!! So was I!! My eyes had continually gotten worse since the 7th grade, and I’ve been very near-sighted. I found my miracle eye drink!!
Since visiting the optometrist the first time, I went back for another eye examine about a year and a half later. Again, my eyes IMPROVED! Doctor says that it’s NUTRIENTS and OXYGEN our eyes depend on to be healthy.” -Kristen D.

The Ningxia wolfberry is rich in two eye-protection carotenoids—-Zeaxanthin and Lutein—-that are essential for protecting the eyes.


Ningxia Red does so much MORE for the body than just supporting the eyes… It’s what we are DESPERATELY NEEDING in our American diets. We have too little nutrients in our food, simply because our soil is depleted of so many vital nutrients that our bodies need to do what they’re designed to do. If we are taking vitamins to supplement, we have to question the quality of the product, as the industry is not strictly-regulated. Additionally, the pH of our body may not be in an optimal range to absorb the nutrition it is given. Many Americans find themselves in the "acidic" category, when it comes to their pH. 

We are what we absorb, and unless all of the detoxing processes of our body are open, we can find ourselves accumulating the not-so-good stuff from what we're exposed to, both internally and externally.

The younger we are, the faster we experience improvements if we find ourselves out of balance. The older we become, the longer it takes to experience the same improvements. There is less room for deviation from a healthy lifestyle incorporating Ningxia Red into your daily diet routine. Ningxia supports the natural processes of the body, offering an enormous amount of antioxidants and nutrients, while supporting an optimal pH of the body.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Evolution of Ningxia Timeline


Common Questions:

How many servings are in a bottle of Ningxia Red?
A bottle of Ningxia Red is 25.35 FL. OZ. or 750 ml
1oz = 29.57 ml
There are about 25 servings in a bottle if you’re drinking an ounce-a-day.

“I cannot afford it” – If a healthy lifestyle is not pursued, it is not a matter of if you become ill, it is a matter of when. Without a healthy lifestyle, should someone expect to become ill later or sooner than someone with a healthy lifestyle? One hospital stay will cost more in dollars and sense than making one degree increments of healthy choices that could add years to your quality of life.

“I feel fine. Why change now?” – Many people die of heart disease without having any prior symptoms. Automobile engineers recommend that you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles. While your car may seem to run fine, if you do not change your oil and perform other preventative maintenance, it will not run fine for long. It is always easier and cheaper to preserve and protect than it is to pay for a major overhaul.

“Supplements are too expensive” — A healthy lifestyle does not have to be expensive. Replacing unhealthy foods, beverages and habits is simply switching that expense to a different category. Breathing, water, prayer, exercise/movement, and fun emotional breaks are cheap, but bring great dividends.

There has been a question about one of the ingredients in NINGXIA RED – sodium benzoate, which occurs in a very minute amount as a preservative. Gary Young was faced with a choice of producing a live superfood with fully active enzymes to which a small amount of preservative was added or to fully pasteurize the juice without any preservative. The alternative to one of these was to risk our receiving “Wolfberry Vinegar”, which was really not an option. Gary Young finally decided upon having a juice that was full of the complete set of nutrients that the NingXia wolfberry has – and then he had to find a company that could harvest the wolfberries at the optimal time, mash them into a puree, and transport them to the US to be assembled with the other nutrients found in NingXia Red. Only one company was able to do this in a manner that satisfied Gary’s demanding specifications. However, it makes it possible for us to enjoy the full health benefits of the NingXia wolfberry without the long pasteurization process through which other “health juices” go, which destroys virtually all of the enzymes and many of the other nutrients.

From Joan Barice MD: Recently a great deal of attention has been focused on high levels of benzene in common vitamin C-supplemented soft drinks. In recent years independent analyses performed by laboratories in New York, found benzene levels in carbonated beverages at two-and-a-half-times and five times above the World Health Organization limit for drinking water (10 parts per billion). In many cases these levels exceeded 85 parts per billion. Dr. Glen Lawrence, a chemist who conducted extensive benzene testing for the FDA, confirmed that sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid may react under certain conditions to form benzene. This occurs commonly in soft drinks.  He found that ascorbic acid readily oxidizes in the presence of carbonic acid, heat, and transition metals, such as iron or copper, to create 'free radical' hydroxyl particles. These hydroxyl radicals attack benzoic acid, stripping away a carbon dioxide molecule. Benzene is thereby created. It is important to note that this reaction occurs in the presence of either heat or carbonic acid, conditions common to almost all carbonated beverages. In sum, Dr. Lawrence made it very clear that in order for benzene to be created in a liquid beverage, a benzoate must be combined with:
  1. Vitamin C
  2. Carbonic Acid
  3. Low antioxidant environment
  4. Heat

In the NingXia Red, it is important to note that only two out of these four conditions are present. And regarding heat for pasteurization, only minimal heat is used in the low-temperature flash pasteurization of the NingXia Red. According to Dr. Lawrence, benzene is created only where an abundance of free radicals exists in solution, usually created by a combination of heat and or carbonic acid. In contrast to the poor antioxidant levels of most soft drinks, NingXia Red is one of the most potent antioxidant liquid supplements ever tested. This unequaled antioxidant profile prevents the creation of benzene in the NingXia Red juice. Moreover, the absence of carbonic acid further protects the vitamin C in NingXia Red from forming free radicals. The proof is clear: Independent laboratory tests of NingXia Red for benzene found that it is lower than both the limits of the World Health Organization limit for drinking water (10 parts per billion) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's drinking water safety standard (five parts per billion). In fact, the benzene levels in NingXia Red are so low that one medium raw egg (61 grams) has over 1000 times the benzene compared to a one-ounce serving of NingXia Red. As a side note, it would be nearly impossible to entirely eliminate benzene from the diet. Trace amounts of benzene are a nearly ubiquitous component of many foods including, red beans, leeks, parsley, soybean milk, cocoa, apples, oranges, cranberries, bilberries, strawberries and more.  However, by using high antioxidant dietary additions, it is possible to minimize any of its negative effects on the body. And NingXia Red is one of the most powerful known antioxidants with a number of documented health benefits. Original post: