Train + Track System

Hello Young Living leader! 

Do you wish you had more time your day to get more done?
Are you interested in creating your own online, automatic training system that is duplicable for your team?


BONUS: The entire RISE training content is included and ready for you to "plug-n-play" into your training system when you get started!


(Discount applied in purchase cost. Retail value of training platform: $2,000+)

Here are just some of the highlights of this online platform:
  • Branding option for your team.
  • Track member progress through your RISE training program and through any other courses you may want to add.
  • Your own private community groups on your site, independent of social media.



A few of my favorites about this platform as a Young Living leader:

  • Track members' progress through training
  • Interact with members in specific discussion groups & communities
  • Zoom integration
  • Create a virtually unlimited number of courses
  • Public, Private, or Hidden course options
  • Option to charge for courses - add coupons; membership or one-time purchase options
  • Create Surveys to learn more about your members
  • Create completion certificates
  • Own your own website independent of social media -- integrates easily with any existing website.

What you get with your purchase:

  • My "automatic" virtual training template for RISE -- formatted and ready-to-go for you to duplicate for your team members on your new training platform. All RISE literature, surveys/questionnaires, and videos, have been formatted for this platform, making it easy for you to duplicate and create an online "hub" for your members to navigate through on their own time, while you can spend more time building relationships. 
  • The opportunity to create and add any other additional classes and content that you may want to include for your members (or even prospective members) to access.
  • An invitation to join our exclusive Facebook group for any questions or continued support you may need to create your own training site.

Note: Subscription fees apply to get the most of the platform features.*

More on WHY I love this platform and why I think you will to:

Hi! I'm Kristen Daschke, and I am a Young Living Gold from Kansas City. I am a strong Red personality and a Rebel (according to the Four Tendencies). I love Young Living and I love technology and using tools and systems to save time, money, and energy while pushing my business forward. 

I wanted to find a way to be able to determine who is truly on board with growing themselves and growing their Young Living business. I don’t want them to just tell me they were interested or that they’re all in — I want to see them in action. I want to know the attempt was made — that they did put in the work so that I knew when they come to me asking for support, I would have a better idea of how much effort they put into themselves so that I could then match my efforts to help them.

I wanted a tool that I could use to build my own course on how to get started into the Young Living lifestyle. I wanted to find something that was independent of social media where I could connect with my members, chat, and post info on a private virtual setting.

I wanted something that would automatically remind my members to go back in to the training where they left off.

I found the solution to all of these, and I want to share it with you!


Want to learn more? Watch this preview to see some highlights: 

*Commonly asked questions:

What is the subscription fee?


The monthly cost for the particular subscription and its  features that I mentioned on this website platform is $99 USD/MO, or there is the option to pay annually and save 20%,

There are other “basic" subscription tiers that cost less, however, if you’re wanting all of the features that I mentioned on my post/info page (also listed below) , you would not get many of those features with the basic options:

Features included with recommended subscription:

  • Unlimited courses
  • Email integrations
  • Coupons
  • Drip (scheduled) content
  • Affiliate reporting
  • Custom domain
  • Email students
  • Zapier triggers
  • Manual student enrollment
  • Export user data
  • Assignments
  • 2 site admin accounts
  • 5 Course admins/authors
  • Private & hidden courses
  • Advanced pricing options
  • Memberships and bundles
  • Certificates
  • Advanced customization
  • Priority support
  • Prerequisite lessons
  • Advanced quizzes

The course platform does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Click here if you would like to learn more about the platform that I subscribe to — the features listed above care for the “Pro” subscription tier, described under the Pricing tab in the menu.