Watch these videos to become familiar with the industry:

Introduction Call to HyperFund

About the HyperFund/HyperTech/HyperCommunity

Amazon Prime Documentary about Ryan Chu

Intro to Blockchain Ecosystem

How to Get Started

Get started with as little as $300 or as much as $10,000
Your buy-in TRIPLES as soon as it hits your HyperFund account as pending rewards.
You earn 0.5% on your pending rewards EVERY DAY!
Cash out or rebuy to maximize your membership!

Step 1

Create your HyperFund account: CREATE ACCOUNT
  1. Open the referral link then follow the below steps.
  2. Enter your chosen Username (must be all lowercase and at least 8 characters)
  3. Enter your preferred Password (for your account log in)
  4. Enter your Email (needs to be GMAIL)
  5. Enter a ’Transaction passcode’ which is 6 numbers (be sure to write this down as you will need it when processing your transactions!)
  6. Send Verification code, then check your email for the verification code (you may need to check your spam folder)
  7. Log in with your new details and you are set to fund your new account!

Step 2

Connect with Kristen for further steps on how to fund your HyperFund account.